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The Alliance for Living is the sole Provider Association representing the majority of Illinois' licensed Specialized Mental Health and Rehabilitation Facilities (SMHRFS) which are situated geographically dispersed through out the State.  As to history, SMHRFs were established out of necessity and by way of the Specialized Mental Health and Rehabilitation Facilities Act(The ACT) of 2013. While containing many elements, the ACT in essence created a new specialty mental health licensing category with such corresponding conditions of participation specifically emphasizing a behavioral health system of care. Toward that end, the ACT authorized for all those facilities so licensed the establishment of separate and distinct units from which to provide specialty levels of clinical behavioral health program services. These are:Triage, Crisis Stabilization, Transitional Living  as well as an expanded Rehab and Recovery service program.  However at this juncture, the Illinois Department of Public Health(IDPH) is only recognizing the fully implemented Recovery and Rehabilitation Units for its initial licensure consideration despite such being quite in contrary to the ACT's all inclusive timing dictate.. These units are evolutions of those in previous existence now enhanced and expanded by the ACT to offer longer-stay psychiatric residential interventions and treatments for consumers with chronic mental illness, often with co-occurring substance use disorders and chronic medical conditions (diabetes, COPD, CHF). 


Given the nascence of the SMHRF system of care, certain such individuals from the Provider Community, decided to unite and in doing so jettisoned the formation of the Alliance for Living to serve as its exclusive Provider Association.  The Alliance's charter of Mental Health Advocacy while simply stated, is nonetheless far more complex by its very nature and by its many intricacies. Implicit in this most altruistic mantra which  the Alliance has embraced is an unequivocal tenet to represent the best interest of its members and that of their respective consumers.  


Over the course of the last 7 years, the Alliance has been privileged and honored by service of its erstwhile Executive Director- Mr. Terry Sullivan and equally as such with its current - Mr. Kevin Taylor.  And, it is through Kevin's vigilance and dedication that the good and valuable causes of the Alliance will continue successfully advancing and navigating through the morass of government rules and regulations-while at all times representing the best interest of its members and their respective consumers.  


Through the  Alliance's continuing efforts , it remains at all time tenacious in its pursuit to achieve for its membership the full implementation of the SMHRF system of care as well as full recognition as a respected and integral aspect of Illinois' mental healthcare delivery system.  

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